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We are Fleming Roofing and Restoration and we are here to be your one-stop-shop for all your roof needs throughout Madison County. Our contractors take roofing services to another level by providing superior Roof Repair and Roof Replacement at ridiculously affordable prices. That’s one reason why we are one of the most Trusted Roofing Companies in Huntsville Alabama! When it comes to total roof services, only the best will do for your residential property.  It’s a trickle down effect and by default, if your roof is not built to last, your home will not last. That is why having qualified roofing contractors perform an inspection, even though there may be no visible signs of damage is so important. Better safe than sorry!  Contact us at (265) 651-9440 today to schedule your inspection and get a free roof estimate.

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Roof Repair

Get your roof & your life back to normal fast!

  • Fast, reliable service
  • 5 yr. Full Material & Labor Warranty
  • 12 yrs. Insurance adjusting experience

Keep the best possible roof over your head!

  • High Quality Materials
  • Increase Home Value
  • Increase Energy Efficiency

Roof Replacement

Your Search for Roofing Companies in Huntsville Alabama Is Over!

Searching for roofing companies in Huntsville AL may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Questions like “who can I trust” or “what qualifications do I look for” may be running through your head as you click on the endless roofing company options.

That is why your friendly roofers at Fleming Roofing and Restoration have put together a failsafe list of attributes.  As a roofing company, we strive to meet every single one of these qualities and hope that you will give us a test drive real soon!

  • Insured for Your Protection

    If the roofing contractor is smart (and legit!) he will have sufficient commercial liability insurance that covers accidents while on your property. Upon request, a roofing company should be able to provide you a copy of their certificate of insurance.

  • Certified Where It Counts

    Depending on what type of roofing materials, some come with a prerequisite from the manufacturer that states certification is required. A qualified roofing contractor should be able to offer you a good selection of roofing materials and provide proof of certification.

  • Proof Is in The Reviews

    In today’s internet crazed world you usually can find company reviews with the click of a button. Performing due diligence and checking reviews on any roofing contractor you want to hire may save frustration and money in the long run.

  • Insurance Claims Know

    How will the roofing company provide free roof inspections and do they understand the insurance claim process? A local roofer that is in it for you, the customer, will offer to meet up with your insurance adjustor to discuss roof damages for free.

  • Warranty

    An honest roofing company should offer both the manufacturer’s warranty and a contractor’s warranty on all work performed. Quality roofing materials should come with a certificate of warranty.  Any issues apart from materials, like workmanship, should be covered by the roofing company’s warranty for an extended period.

All of these are great questions to ask a potential roofing company.  However, why waste your time searching for more roofing companies in Huntsville AL when we are right here, waiting for your call?

Roof Repair Huntsville AL

When storms hit, and the wind blows, your roofing materials can take a beating and need roof repairs. No one wants to be hassled with calling a roofing contractor to fix a leak or repair roof shingles, but it is one of the necessary evils of owning a home.  At Fleming Roofing and Restoration, we try to make roof repair as painless as possible.

How do we do that?  Great question!

For starters, we are friendly.  Being kind and professional goes a long way, and when a homeowner is faced with roof damage a friendly voice can eliminate frustration!

Second, we make sure to get to your roofing service needs as soon as possible without any dilly dallying.  We have been doing roof repairs long enough to know that just because you don’t see the damage does not mean it isn’t there. 

Which leads us to the third and most important thing and that is performing a FREE roof inspection.  This will help our contractors at Fleming Roofing and Restoration to assess the scope of damage.

From there we work up a free roof repair estimate and suggest the next course of action. In some cases, we will advise you to start a roof damage insurance claim. If that happens, we work to do everything we can to make sure your voice is heard and the insurance adjuster properly inspects your residential roof.

Insurance Claim Roof Inspections

Filing an insurance claim for anything is not fun but when it comes to your residential roof, being able to file a claim and receive the money you need to pay for repairs is paramount. After all, your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and your home protects your family.

Finding a roofing contractor in Huntsville AL that understands and will walk you through your policy can make all the difference!  At Fleming Roofing and Restoration, our team of qualified inspection experts will quickly assess any damage done to your roof. If you decide to file a roof damage insurance claim, one of our roofing contractors will gladly meet with the insurance adjustor to make sure you get maximum payout per your policy.

Our hope is to help you in whatever way we can, legally, to get you the money you need to pay for either roof repairs or a full roof replacement.

Accurate "No-Hassle" Roof Estimate

We like surprises like most people, except when it comes to roof repair costs.  At the end of the day, we are a roofing company that stands by their honest word, and that applies to our roof estimates.

At Fleming Roofing and Restoration, we use state of the art roof estimate technology that measures the pitch and square footage.  This technology is a lifesaver and allows us to accurately estimate roofing materials and labor costs. Combine that with the years of experience we have in the roofing industry, and you have an accurate roof repair or replacement estimate. 

To top it off, our roofing contractors in Huntsville AL do all of this for FREE.  We will present the findings of our roof inspection, provide you with a free cost estimate and suggest the next steps.  That is why all of our roofing estimates are hassle-free. At the end of the day, our Huntsville roofing contractors want you to be comfortable with the decision you are making to repair or replace your roof.

Residential Roofing Options Huntsville AL

When it comes to roofing materials, there are several options for your residential property.  Our team of experienced contractors at Fleming Roofing and Restoration is here for you every step of the way. 

We want you to select the best residential roofing option available on the market that fits both function and price.  Your home is an investment and to protect your investment, selecting quality roofing materials is important.

Our team at Fleming Roofing and Restoration has put together a list of the best residential roof material options available today:

  • Architectural shingles

    This type of residential roofing materials provides a multi-dimensional look for your home’s roof. Denser than regular 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles are more durable and last longer.  The increased price tag is worth the extended warranty and 30-year life expectancy.  Additionally, architectural shingles heavy weight material stands against high winds which can reduce roof damage during storms.

  • 3-tab shingle

    Another type of asphalt residential roof shingle, the 3-tab is your standard one-dimensional roofing material. The most affordable option for roofing materials and it gets the job done but with a shorter lifespan than the architectural shingles.  3-tab shingles are a great option for investment properties or budget conscience homeowners.

  • Metal Roofing

    Originally used for industrial or commercial buildings, metal roofing has become one of the favorites among residential properties and for good reason. Metal roofing systems are environmentally friendly, long lasting and can save money on energy costs.

  • Clay Tiles

    Not as common as asphalt shingles due to their heavy weight and complex installation method, clay tiles (or concrete tiles) are a beautifully textured aesthetically pleasing option for your residential roof. If you are looking for that Mediterranean or Spanish-style home, then clay tiles, offer the best solution.

Our expert roofing contractors in Huntsville AL will help you decide which type of material works best for you!  Call us today for your free roof inspection!

Atlas Chalet Recall: What Does It Mean for You?

To this day, There has actually never been a recall for the shingles in question. But, the Atlas company discontinued the shingles, and ceased production of them. The Atlas Chalet shingles were apparently manufactured with a flaw in the laminating process, and have a history of deteriorating quickly, and breaking down long before they’re supposed to.

Atlas Chalet shingles were installed on thousands of homes during the years 2000 to 2010. If you had your roof shingles replaced during this time, It is vital that you have a roof inspection done to check the integrity of your roof system, and find potential problems.

Our Roofing contractors are passionate about getting the word out because of the potential damage Atlas “Chalet” shingles can cause your home! If you are unsure of whether or not you have the Atlas Chalet shingles installed on your home, you can call us for a FREE roof inspection.

Fleming Roofing and Restoration is proud to serve the residents of Huntsville with expert residential roof repairs and replacements.  Call us today to schedule your free estimate!

Atlas Chalet Shingles after Original Install
Atlas Chalet Shingles a few years after Original Install

Customer Experience Comes First

Whether you have a small puncture that is causing a leak in one room that needs to be sealed or you have an entire section of composite shingles that was ripped off during a storm; Fleming Roofing and Restoration is here to help.

Our residential roofing team will work hard to make sure that you are aware of exactly what the problem at hand is, give you more than one possible solution to the issue, walk you through exactly what we will do when you choose us for the work, and give you a competitive price quote for the job.

While we are there we will also perform a free inspection of your roof and its various components and give you a score card of how it is doing.

Our expert will let you know if they find any trouble areas that require attention and give you a recommendation as to appropriate action to take, whether you choose us to do the work or not.

Finally, Fleming Roofing and Restoration has developed relationships in our area with other home service businesses over the years and are happy to offer referrals for other work your home or property may be in need of like plumbing, electrical, pest control, landscaping, and more.

Also, please ask about our customer referral reward program that can put money into your pocket for telling your friends about us!

Are you in drastic need of roof repairs, or maybe even a full roof replacement, and your not sure how you are going to be able to afford it? 

Fleming Roofing and Restoration is proud to announce that we now offer the option of financing for your roof repair, or new roof! Money is no longer a reason to keep putting off the roof repair, or new roof that your home, or business needs!

If you would like to take advantage of the option to finance your new roof, please click on the icon to the right, or the button below, to get started!

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